MAN Mobile 24

MAN Emergency dispatch

Recall Only

MAN Mobile 24 is here for you around the clock. Contact MAN’s Mobile 24 with a free phone service. Mobile 24 and towing service is provided cost-free to all customers within warranty period and is available through service centers of MAN Truck and Bus Korea

  • Any customer faults or accidents after the contacting Mobile 24 and towing, costs will be charged accordingly.
  • Towing service will be provided by the closest service center from site.


When a purchased product maintained and used according to the instruction manual provided by MAN Truck & Bus Korea has a defect or is defined as a defect from production or material, it may be repaired or exchanged with a new or confirmed part by MAN Truck & Bus Korea.

Warranty Period

Body & Parts Engine & power train parts
(Euro6 only)
Body & Parts Engine & power train parts
(Euro6 only)
1 year, mileage limit free 3years or 450,000Km 1 year, mileage limit free 2years or mileage limit free / 3years or 450,000Km(optional)

* The warranty period may change according to options on purchasing of the product.
* The warranty ends when either the period or mileage meets the limit.

Responsibilities of the owner

Warranty within period is excluded for the following cases.

  • For driving safe, the vehicle must be maintained according to the instruction manual, warranty and the use of appropriate maintenance equipment.
  • Inappropriate inspection and use of non-genuine parts may cause defects in performance or serious damage to the vehicle. Use of genuine parts and appropriate service is advised.
  • Major defects found in driving or safety must be directly informed to MAN Truck & Bus Korea and receive proper service.
  • Customer is held responsible for any additional malfunctions and cost caused by delay in maintenance on customer’s own reasons.
  • Cost-free maintenance is not available after the warranty peropd on customer’s own reasons.

Regular Inspection Service

Category Inspection interval
5,000 1year(km) 2year(km) 3year(km)
km (thousand) 60 120 180 240 300 360 450
Initial Inspection
Oil Inspection
Winter Inspection
HYVA Oil Inspection (Tipper)
Rear Axle Oil Inspection (Tipper-Hub)
EHLA Axle Oil Inspection(Lifting / steering axle)

* Service is provided to vehicles that purchased the ProFit Check Program (Euro6 standard)
* Detail information on ProFit Check is available in all local service centers

What is a “ProFit Check”?

A maintenance program provided by MAN to keep your vehicles at the utmost condition. Inspect your vehicle and exchange parts according to the inspection interval in order to prevent breakdowns and maximize the life span by driving at the best condition.

Platinum ProFit Check Program

A 3 year maintenance program of the MAN ProFit Check program providing inspection/exchange of parts according to the inspection interval based on the mileage or delivery date upon entering the service center.

Program contents

Category Inspection interval # of service provided
Tractor Tipper Cargo
Initial Inspection 5,000 ±1,000 km 1 1 1
Oil Inspection Every oil exchange interval 4 3 3
Inspection Annual 3 3 3
Winter Inspection Every winter 3 3 3
HYVA Oil Inspection (Tipper) Every oil 6
Rear Axle Oil Inspection (Tipper-Hub) Exchange interval 2
EHLA Axle Oil Inspection(Lifting / steering axle) 1 (Rear 3rd axle type)

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