The MAN Euro6C tipper is the new standard

The MAN TGS perfectly tailored for use in construction site deployment. With its powerful propulsion, unbeatable payload and unique ergonomics, it defines new benchmarks.

In respect of better driving performance, greater comfort, maximum transport capacity, top quality and a long service life, exemplary safety and environmental compatibility. The MAN TGS fulfills all the expectations and goes on to exceed them. For years, the TÜV has been certifying that it achieves the highest standards of reliability and the lowest incidence of defects when compared to the competition.

Let yourself get enthused by a truck that offers significantly more value for substantially lower costs. It will convince you – in operation and in your book-keeping.

Tipper line up TGS 500hp TGS 460hp Exterior & Interior Design Specifications

Tipper line up

MAN TGS 500hp Single reduction

MAN TGS 500hp Hub reduction

MAN TGS 460hp Single reduction

MAN TGS 460hp Hub reduction

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