How to handle parts

Brake line Safety Belt Tail lamp Head Light

Brake cylinder

Brake cylinder separation & attachment

Additional handling

  • Fix vehicle to prevent from rolling
  • Raise / Lower vehicle (Instruction manual)
  • Support the vehicle using a support block
  • Dis/assemble wheel (Instruction manual)
  • Dis/assemble brake pad (Disk brake instruction manual 107p)
  • Function & performance inspection


1 Brake Caliper, Front axle
2 Compressed air line (Including union nut)3 T-screw-in fitting (Including test connector)4 Compressed air line connector
5 Diaphragm brake cylinder G10.X
6 Mechanical release device

7 Connector 12 (Spring Actuator)
8 Connector 13 (Service Brake)
9 Combination brake cylinder G11.X
10 Brake caliper, rear axle
11 Hexagon lock nut, 2ea
12 Hexagon lock nut, 2ea

Technical Data

  • Diaphragm brake cylinder, Hexagon lock nut(11)
  • Combination brake cylinder, Hexagon lock nut(12)
  • Mechanical release device(6), reverse torque
  • Mechanical release device(6), Screw-in torque
  • Connector(4), Diaphragm brake cylinder
  • Connector(7), (8), Combination brake cylinder
  • Diaphragm brake cylinder(5), Seal overhang
  • Combination brake cylinder(9), Seal overhang

Maintenance Tool

  • Shell Darina 2 grease (included in repair kit)
  • MAN 285 Li-PF multipurpose grease09. 15001-0019

Main information

Brake malfunction

  • Make sure no dust enters the Brake Caliper Housing. The dust may cause the adjusting gear to malfunction.


  • Operate the brake caliper before attaching the diaphragm cylinder/combination brake cylinder.
  • Spray the Shell Darina2 grease on the sphere shaped cap within the lever.
  • The breather bore of the combination brake cylinder, and diaphragm brake section and the diaphragm cylinder breather bore must face downwards.
  • Attach the new compressed air line O-ring and spray the MAN 285 LI-PF 2 multipurpose grease.

Special tools

Single on-off spanner, size 24


  • [37]
  • Tighten the Union nut of the Combination Brake Cylinder
  • 08.060032-9001

Diaphragm cylinder disassemble

Compressed air line disassemble

  • Loosen the compressed air line(2) from the Diaphragm cylinder.
  • Loosen both Hexagon lock nuts(1) and separate the Diaphragm cylinder.