The MAN Euro6C Tractor is your optimal business partner

If you want to find success in long-haul transport, you need to shift your transport performance up a gear and step on the brakes in terms of cost.
That is where the new MAN TGX comes in, setting the benchmark for the highest level of energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness, even with emissions-optimised engines. With its tested technologies, it produces the best possible values in terms of fuel consumption. It offers high payloads and delivers optimum body compatibility.

Rest assured, the new MAN TGX will reliably help you meet your profit target. That combined with its perfectly coordinated services are a sure-fire way to success. We are not the only ones that see it that way. The TÜV agrees with us. For years, the TÜV has been certifying that the MAN TGX achieves the highest standards for reliability and the lowest incidence of defects compared to the competition.

Tractor line up Premium Efficient Line3 Cost-Effective Air-Spring Flagship Specifications

Tractor line up

MAN TGX 580hp 6×2 Premium Tractor

MAN TGX 580hp 6×2 Efficient Line 3 Tractor

MAN TGX 500hp 6×2 Efficient Line 3 Tractor

MAN TGX 460hp 6×2 Cost-Effective Tractor

MAN TGX 640hp 6×4 Flagship Tractor

MAN TGX 580hp 6×4 Airspring Tractor

★MAN ProFit Check
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2015 TÜV Report:MAN Trucks,
“Lowest defect rate”
for 4 consecutive years